Thursday, February 24

the power of purple

My shopping habits have changed so much in the past year or so. Pardon the expression, but I used to be a brand name whore. If it was a brand name and on sale, I bought it. I'd also buy a lot of "cute" things without thinking about it or planning how they'd fit into my wardrobe. I don't think you have to plan all the time for every thing, but a general, overall plan is never a bad idea.
Most of those impulse items are already at Goodwill or consigned, but sometimes I actually didn't do so bad. Pretty much everything in this outfit was an impulse buy.
The shoes were marked down to an irresistable price, but it took me a YEAR to wear them!! The trousers were free with a Piperlime gift card (from Piperlime), and they were too small for a good year and a half.
The blouse was pointed out to me by a friend and I paid full price. I felt guilty after the fact so put it in the bag in my car to return and never made it back. I finally pulled it out of the bag a year or so later and now it's one of my favorites. Who knew. :)
I left the house a little early so I could get in a few pictures before work. I had to go to the store afterwards and wanted to get in a few good shots before I got all frazzled. Heat is one thing, but the humidity is not my friend.
See? This is what I look like post grocery shopping. Hot, tired, flat haired, etc. I don't mind buying food, I just don't like manuevering around slow shoppers. I shop like a woman on a mission. I have a detailed list that is created around the layout of the store. I'm not mean, I just don't care for it when people park their carts in the middle of the aisle and wander off to inspect something further down the row. Grr.
Once I get home and unload the groceries though, I give myself the rest of the day off. O:)
Blouse: Banana Republic, Trousers: Cynthia Steffe (denim!!), Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Cole Haan, Bracelet: Target
I got home and saw this
And it made me just a little bit jealous. :)


  1. Oh how I love the kitty pictures! Kittens make me happy.

    You look so fantastic in this outfit. The trousers fit perfectly, that purple ruffled blouse is gorgeous and such a great color on you and I LOVE the booties! Plus that jacket is pretty awesome.

    Those kinds of shoppers bug me too. I might wander but I'll at least get my cart out of the way.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. I should wear my trousers more often. You look great in them!

  3. Gorgeous color and those shoes are to die for!

  4. Loved the post! The booties are lovely!

  5. I'm not a purple fan, but YOU look fabulous in it. Those booties are to.die.for.

    PS- Did anybody else notice the definition in Sarah's arms? Hoo-ah for Crossfit!

  6. Aw, sweet little kittah!

    You should check out this awesome serious of posts on shopping (includes a flowchart for shopping. Yes!)

    Love this chic outfit and that color is great on you! Oh, and those booties are beautiful...

  7. You look fab before and after shopping. I find people that block aisles while they stare at their lists or talk on their cell phone annoying too. Love those Cole Haan booties!

  8. Thanks ladies! Great flowchart, Jenava.

  9. I'm the same sort of shopper, Sarah. And let me tell you, until you've shopped where they don't respect the odd American obsession with personal space, you haven't lived. Ugh. ADORE the entirety of this outfit by the way. Those pants make your... well, derriere, look even more amazing than usual. ;) And I'm just a bit obsessed with those booties.

  10. Rachel5:04 PM

    I'd give anything for a pair of those Cynthia Steffe trousers, but longer available anywhere! :( They're some of my fave pants on you.