Friday, February 25


I am no photographer. I really have no idea what I'm doing. I actually consider myself lucky if my photos turn out. However, I am learning a lot through this process, especially by trial and error. Different times of year have different times of the day that produce the best natural light for photos. If it's sunny in the mornings, my photos look washed out. If it's sunny in the afternoon the photos are too harsh. Overcast mornings give me dark all over photos, but afternoon overcast days turn out quite nice.
I bet there are super fancy cameras that don't need to worry about times of day and what the sky looks like. But for now I'll stick with my faithful little Kodak P&S and we'll keep trudging through this together. I always said if this little blog deal took off I'd invest in a new camera. Go little blog, GO! :)

This has been a very, very long week. Same amount of days as usual, I know, but it *felt* abnormally long. I'm chalking it up to hard, tough workouts and slight schedule changes. We also haven't been sleeping as well with the warming temps. I'm very ready for a weekend. One without workouts, without extensive errands or huge house projects. One where we can just sleep in, cuddle with the furbabies, maybe go out to dinner or a date, and just be.
I found these jeans at Goodwill. I'm not a thrifter. I envy people who have that amount of patience and creativity. When I do frequent a thrift store, I'm usually looking for something in particular. Which I hear is the wrong way to actually thrift, but you know. Jeans have been so frustrating lately, so rather than pay $50 for a pair I won't wear very much longer, I decided to haunt Goodwill and see what they had to offer. They had a pair of Gap Long and Lean jeans for $7.99! They fit great, but I can see that the previous owner hemmed them. Now that I know I like how they fit and feel, I'll take out the hem a little. 
So here is to a weekend full of joy, peace, happiness and light. Enjoy what you have, live who you are.
Jeans: Gap Long and Lean (thrifted), Cardigan: Target, Blouse: Gap, Watch: Fossil, Shoes: Me Too Frost oxfords


  1. as a photographer, i have to say-- there's no camera out there that doesn't have to worry about light. even the $30,000 Mamiyas and Hasselblads need the right light. ;-) but you're doing better than most point-and-shooters who don't even notice light at all! if you ever want to chat photography, i'm all ears. [or rather, i will over-load you with info, so maybe you better ask someone who is not as obsessed as myself]. ;-)

  2. I would LOVE to!

  3. I think your photos are great. Especially since they are sometimes with the camera balanced on a car, that's amazing! Nice find at Goodwill, I usually walk out empty handed.

  4. You are beautiful! I'm the same way with the camera, I have no idea what I'm doing but I don't have time to take outdoor photos while it's still dark out at 7AM. Maybe once it gets lighter earlier I can mess with it.

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