Wednesday, February 23

actually, red shoes are a girl's best friend

I hope you like red, because you'll probably start seeing these shoes more and more. It's getting warmer here and boots would just be ridiculous (boo), yet it's not quite warm enough for sandals. Whatever this season is (because I refuse to call it spring just yet) is ishy, and we get it twice a year right before spring and right before fall. It's not hot, but it isn't cold. It just is.
I have resolved this year to focus on taking charge of my footwear. I love heels, in fact it's all I wear. However, they aren't always practical.
This isn't just a fashion blog, it's a lifestyle blog. I don't have the luxury of dressing up cute and taking pictures and then changing into loungewear and flip flops for the rest of my day. I work, run errands, grocery shop, and keep house in whatever I wear that day.
I've noticed that shoes without straps don't always stay on my feet when it gets warmer (and they get sweaty) so the shoes I do wear in this ishy season need to be comfortable and need to fit well. Otherwise I hobble around and it's not pretty.
Me Too makes a fairly comfortable pump that actually looks cute. I have a few more in my Zappos wishlist/cart for the not so distant future. :D Once our actual spring hits I'll wear open toe shoes that don't seem to have the same issues. I have oodles of pumps that I can wear on days I don't have to run errands, too.
I love shoes. I love trying them on and buying them. But I don't like buying and shopping for practical shoes. Practical shoes aren't as fun because I NEED them, not WANT them. If anyone finds comfy (ie: stays on my feet, doesn't squish my baby toe) shoes that are also super cute, let me know.
What are your favorite every day shoes?  
Top: Halogen (Nordstrom), Pleather jacket: Zara, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Me Too, Neckalce: Martin + Osa


  1. I adore red shoes too! I have three pairs and they cheer me every time I wear them. :-) I rarely wear heels, I'm afraid, mostly because I like to go on walks on my breaks and they are not conducive to such things. Boots are my best friend. I love them. :-)

  2. Those shoes are utter perfection. Perfect pop of red, great height, super shiny - love them! I really like the cropped leather jacket too.

    My comfy and cute shoes are the ones I'm wearing today - and have been wearing almost every day with this 30 for 30 challenge. They make them in a cranberry color too, and I'm wishing I'd also gotten those!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. These Gap leans look amazing on you Sarah. The red shoes are gorgeous!

  4. Oh, nuh-uh. Don't you boo that nice weather! It snowed today in Seattle. And, it snowed yesterday. It's freezing. I'm *sick* of boots. I want sandals and a pedi!!

    I love that top. The print is so, so cool. Love this color pallet, and, you look killer in those skinny pants. Go you! I am jealous...but, I am also not the one doing all that working out....LOL.

  5. The red shoes goes perfectly here. Are those Gap skinny jeans or leans?

  6. Thanks! Jenava, I know, I should feel bad, but I'm just dreading the summer that is to come. :(
    Lisa, these are the Gap Really Skinny Pants. Definitely worth checking out. I plan on duplicating mine.

  7. Thanks Sarah! I'm going too this weekend.

  8. I have always been shoe obsessed, but have never really indulged it beyond my "needs." Thankfully, my husband is the nice sort that encourages me to buy when I find something I love. Pass on any comfy heels you may find or be recommended! I'm always on the lookout!