Friday, January 21

what i *would* have worn had it been warmer

I have been planning this outfit ALL week long. I put it on, walked outside for my photo shoot and brrr! It was in the 20s! So I hope you'll indulge me and not mind me posting these anyway. (I ended up wearing this.)
This jacket has been in purgatory for awhile. It's cute, but I've drifted away from cute a little this past year and I wasn't sure how to make it more sophisticated.
Note to self: snakeskin pumps make anything sophisticated!
I love dressing up, but my favorite article of clothing is a pair of great fitting jeans. It's been so hard though to keep up with them as my body has been changing so much. I'm a premium denim girl, but I have to admit that Gap has really stepped up recently (are we tired of my constant Gap garbling?) and their jeans have filled a huge void for me.
Today is a happy day because I get a haaaaair cut! I've never not enjoyed getting my hair cut/colored. It's the only pampering I do on a regular basis. I don't plan on doing anything different this go around, but I never know for sure till it's done.
Jacket: JCrew (coupla years old), Blouse: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Nine West


  1. Oh I adore that jacket. It's such a fun style with the ruffles and the color is gorgeous, especially on you.

    I totally agree about the pumps, the snakeskin pumps make anything sophisticated! Now I have to go find some...excuse me...

  2. Mamapicklejuice8:34 AM

    Are these the same modern boot cut pair that you're wearing in a few outfits earlier? They look like a different wash, but both pairs look SO good on you.

  3. Thanks, Melissa! MamaPJ, these are the Gap sexy boot. I have the modern boot trousers in gray.

  4. I completely agree about Gap, although I still think their denim wears out faster than any I've ever owned.

  5. @Elizabeth, they do and don't. Their denim has been hit or miss for me, but the last few pair I've purchased have been great. I haven't tried the flares yet this year, so we'll see.
    I've decreased my denim budget over the past two years with my weight loss, but in general I size down for Gap denim because they DO stretch.
    So in comparison to my all time favorite Citizen Hutton jeans, then yes, Gap isn't the best, but in comparison to a lot of others, even denim sold at higher retail stores, these have a decent shot.
    What denim have you preferred?