Monday, January 17

what i wore: winter to spring in one day

I left for work this morning and it was cold outside! By the time I left work though, the sun had come out, and spring is definitely trying to break through. I'm sure we'll have a few more chilly days or weeks ahead, but the sun was so nice for a change.
I have found that the best way to plan for days with such a range of temperatures is to wear layers. Layers, layers, layers. :)
Bryan and I spent a good part of the weekend watching football, or "watching football" since we ended up sleeping for the majority of the games. We had a tough week of workouts, plus I was sick. I'm feeling better now, thankfully.
We were able to run to Ikea to get a few things for the house, and now I have more motivation and want to get some things done. A lot of areas in the house have been almost done for so long, so I'm looking forward to focusing on that for awhile.
Maybe it is the warmer air that's motivating me.
Blouse: Gap, Sweater: JCrew, Skirt: INC, Boots: Halogen, Bracelet: Charlotte Russe*
*I browse their website so often, and think of all the cool things I could buy for so cheap, but I can only get myself to actually buy the jewelry. The clothes are just a little too cheap I suppose.


  1. The things I have bought from Charlotte Russe hold up surprisingly well. Just stay away from knit fabrics.

  2. argh. i had a comment all typed out and it wouldn't post.

    just saying how i need to be a more conscious shopper and invest in nice things rather than whatever is cheap and i just want that minute.

  3. We're just experiencing the annual January thaw. All the plants will think it's spring and start budding, then February hits. Then we get fooled again in March, and end up with snow on Easter.

    I love Texas. :)

    Your outfit looks great, btw.

  4. @Brenda, good tip!
    @Jessica, I'll try to go over that conscious shopping in a bit. Or, what I call "cost per wear" shopping.
    @Donna, thanks!

  5. I tend to buy things at Charlotte Russe because they're more in my price range, and I've found that they hold up pretty well. I've had some pants from there for about 7 years!

    Those boots are fantastic, by the way.

    Isn't Ikea awesome?! I could spend hours or possibly DAYS in there! :)

  6. @Melissa, good to know! Those types of stores were my go-tos when I was losing weight. And we are going back to Ikea again this week. ;)