Friday, January 28

what i wore: what makes friday casual?

At every job I've ever had (other than one where I had a strict uniform no matter what day of the week it was) we've observed "casual Friday". I don't know what it is about the last workday of the week that makes certain items of clothing okay that are generally frowned upon on the other four working days of the week. I'm not complaining at all, it is nice to have the ease of knowing I can pull out a pair of jeans every Friday. That's about 50% of my clothes planned way ahead of time. :D
I am the only female in my office so my dress code is pretty much up to me. Personally, I think when you work with any other human being it's polite to still put in some effort, even on more casual days. Jeans don't necessarily mean sloppy. I've posted before that I mostly have dressy clothing since I wear them six of the seven days of the week. So for "casual Friday" I wear one of my "normal" top ensembles with some well fitting, figure flattering denim and call it good.
A lot of people assume I work in the fashion industry because of how I dress, but I actually work in an insurance office. I think it's important no matter where you work or what you do to show a little respect for yourself and those around you who have to look at you.
It doesn't take a ton of money or even a lot of time to look nice. The more pride you have in yourself, the more pride you'll have in your job and even your life.
So what about you, what is your work or life dress code and what do you think about it? Does it make sense? Work for you? Need some changes?

Blouse: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Cole Haan (the Rack), Cuff: Express


  1. i liked my dress code when i worked at the jewelry store or at VS. i would probably wear EVERYTHING you've blogged.

    working at HPB means i'm on my feet eight hours every day, or crawling on my hands and knees to get to bottom shelves (ohh the aching knees and the jeans don't last long), or lifting rather heavy boxes of books (i think i calculated once that on Mondays alone my assistant and i physically move over 2000 pounds of product).

    this means i have to wear something that i don't mind getting dusty or possibly torn (or sweated on if i get called out into the back parking lot to work on a giant buy). i have to wear something that i can bend over in and not give anyone a great view of my boobs, and long enough in the back that people don't have stare at my crack all day when i'm sitting on the floor. and since there are ALWAYS things i have to climb on/over, i have to wear shoes that won't get stuck on anything.

    basically, i'm stuck wearing jeans and regular tees and my Nikes. but hey, at least i straighten my hair and put on some basic make-up in the mornings. :-\

  2. That is a good perspective, Jessica. I was noticing the outfits the girls working at Home Depot were wearing and I wondered what I'd wear if I worked there.
    I some friends who work in a lab and have to wear lab coats, so their only way to show personal style is through hair and makeup.

  3. I agree with your philosophy that you should put effort into what you look like at work no matter what. I work with the public as a state employee (i.e. with a lot of under-payed and overworked professionals) and I have actually had a fellow employee say she wonders why I dress so nice and who do I have to impress at work?! I have myself to impress!