Monday, January 10

what i wore: weekend

Ugh. Some how, some way I got hit with something. I have chest congestion that you wouldn't believe. I never had any other symptoms, I just woke up Saturday with a swollen throat full of crap. I've been taking symptom medications up until this morning. So I'm hoping Mucinex DM will do the trick now. *fingers crossed!*
I don't "dress down" very much because I don't have a lot of casual items in my closet. I generally pair Monday through Friday items with jeans and call it weekend wear.
This was another outfit inspired by a few fashion bloggers so I can't take credit. I'm beginning to believe that my own checked shirt would be a good workhorse for me. I've been stealing Bryan's, but it's a little too big to wear without a sweater. So that is on my list right under black pumps.
Jeans: Express, Shoes: Franco Sarto (Marshalls?), Shirt: Bryan's (Gap), Tank: Express


  1. I love this outfit. I never think to pair my tanks over items. I love the nude pumps with this.

  2. Can you imagine if I borrowed one of Matt's shirts to wear? =P It's cool that you can do that, even if you have to wear something over it. Very cute!

  3. Ack! So sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you're better soon!

    On another note, I LOVE this outfit! It's so preppy chic with the sweater and the patent nude heels. You look fantastic!

  4. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Great layered look. I'd never think to layer a tank like this. Great nude shoe too.

  5. Anonymous7:20 PM

    LOVE those pumps. Are they the Franco Sarto Napoli? Are these them?:

  6. Yes, these are the FS Napolis. I also have them in royal blue suede. Great shaped shoe!