Thursday, January 6

what i wore: thursday

Today is a very special day for Bryan and I. It was five years ago today (tonight!) that we both said "I do" forever and always. I know this is cliche, but it was the very best decision I ever made. Not only have we fallen more in love with each other and learned more about working together, but we've both grown significantly as individuals, and I know I certainly could not have done it without Bryan. He brings out my best self, and is the biggest life supporter I have.
I love you!
With the exception of my trousers, everything I'm wearing is over at least 1 year old. Most of it is closer to 3 years old. It really motivates me to keep my purchases to a minimum...quality over quantity!
Trousers: Gap, Cardigan, Blouse, Necklace: JCrew, Oxfords: Me Too Frost pumps
Bryan sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers at work. Each flower means something significant to us, and it's so meaningful to me that he remembers them.
Abigayle adores anything green that grows, so I think I'll let her think they were for her.


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Lovely to see you in argyle. It's my favorite print in cooler weather. (YLF Lisa)

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Just curious: Why do you wear your wedding ring on your middle finger?

  3. Good question, Anon! I have lost over 70 pounds and am waiting to resize it till I lose my last few. I've temporarily lost my ring one time too many, so I've opted for my middle finger when I go out, and I take it off whenever I'm home or at the gym. I'd never forgive myself for losing it!

  4. Awww, Happy Anniversary! I do love a great argyle sweater, and yours has held up very well.