Wednesday, January 26

what i wore: success is a job in new york

Ever since Bryan bought me Bond no 9 perfume, he's been on Saks' mailing list. I'm not complaining because as a Bond owner, you get samples of their new fragrances for life. The latest batch came the other day, and they smell wonderful. I'm still pleased with my signature High Line scent, but it's fun to try out the new ones on occasion. Today I tried Success is a Job in New York.
I love these fragrances, and it was really interesting to speak to the Bond salesman at Saks. It's always great listening to someone so knowledgeable, yet passionate about something. I was very surprised and pleased when Bryan went back and got me some for my birthday. :)

The mornings aren't the best time for photos, but I have a busy afternoon ahead of me, and I wanted to make sure I documented today. After work I've got to go grocery shopping for the rest of the week and then rush home and get some things done. Tomorrow someone is coming by to look at our dishwasher. It's been on the fritz for a few months now, but with everything that's been going on, we haven't had a chance to have it looked at till now. I'm surprised I don't hate hand washing dishes as much as I thought I would, though.
The days I go to the store I also do food prep. I make my own Paleo Trail Mix, and chop up the veggies for snacks. It's also my day to clean out the fridge. What fun. :)
Dress: JCrew, Tights: Target, Boots: Steve Madden "Maryn", Watch: gift


  1. i like the black & brown combo. all my life i've been terrified of mixing those two colors, but i'm realizing it's MUCH more acceptable to do if you can do it well (like you, obviously).

  2. Thanks Jess! To me, black and cognac or black and chocolate brown are among the most sophisticated color combinations. Try repeating one or more of the colors to make it look intentional, and be sure to include a few textures for interest. Try it!

  3. Elizabeth11:56 AM

    Okay....I admit, I thought for a second that you were moving to New York.

    Love those boots!

  4. I'm loving the black and brown in this outfit. Those boots are AWESOME and the ruffles on the dress are so fun!

    You're a much better woman than I am. I would whine, moan and complain every second if we didn't have a functional dishwasher.

  5. @Melissa, I'm not better, I just have skewed priorities. Re-doing the living room is much more fun. ;)

  6. Oh, I really love your boots! I, too, adore Bond No9 scents. I'm following your blog :)

  7. How can one person look so beautiful, yet so professional simultaneously??!

  8. Thanks Ariel! What's your favorite Bond scent?
    And Alex, how sweet, thank you.