Tuesday, January 25

what i wore: pink, black, and bruised all over

Today was a Plan B. I have been wanting to wear my black, wide leg sailor pants ever since they finally fit, but I put them on this morning and they're too long! So while they're at the tailor, we'll make do. :)
This color combination is super chic and I love pulling it out in the spring especially. It's my way of wearing black in warmer months. And no, it's still freezing here too, but one can dream, right?
My necklace is another swap find from this past weekend. I have the same one in green marble beads, but the pink pearls are so pretty. It won't be hard putting those in rotation!
The past few weeks we've been going to Crossfit Monday through Saturday. I remember when I first started looking into it I asked why a lot of them wore knee high socks. Is it some fitness trend I wasn't aware of, or what? Well. If you take a look at my shins, you will discover very quickly why the knee high socks.
And yes, I'll be ordering me some very soon.
Blouse: Matty M (Nordstrom), Cardigan: JCrew, Skirt: Nanette Lepore, Shoes: Nine West, Necklace: Swapped, Watch: Michael Kors Runway, Bruised shins: courtesy of Woodward Crossfit


  1. one of my favorites! Love the skirt, the shoes!

  2. The knee-high socks is a trend that I LOVE, but have been too chicken to try yet.

    I adore this outfit. So classy! That skirt is fantastic, I wore one similar today but mine doesn't fit quite right. You look beautiful!