Monday, January 24

what i wore: monday

This past weekend I went to a YLF clothing swap here in Austin, and found some great things. I have been shopping for a gray jacket for some time, so I was excited when I saw this one. It's a perfect weight for spring and fall, so I'll get plenty of wear out of it.
I'm finally accepting prints, but I still do prefer them to be understated. I think spending so much time fixing up my house made me realize the role prints play. The texture it adds elevates any look.

We spent the greater part of our weekend at Ikea AGAIN. Fortunately it's close. I'm very happy with how our living room/kitchen great room is coming together. I will share photos as soon as we get a few more things in place. I definitely believe that our living spaces reflect a lot about us and our personal style, and it's great to finally see the two come together a bit more in our case. ;)
Top: Old Navy, Jacket: Gap (swapped), Jeans: Goldsign "Envy", Watch: Michael Kors Runway, Shoes: Nine West Rocha


  1. Prints really do add a lot of spice to an outfit and this one is great on you. I really love that jacket and those shoes, too!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the decor!

  2. Audrey2:01 AM

    I love the jacket! Inspired to get a grey blazer after seeing yours. Also, love the shoes. The whole thing is perfect (as are all of your outfits, love your style!)

  3. ahh, i have so many problems with blazers, even though i LOVE LOVE LOVE them. any tips you can pass along, i'd love to hear: my shoulders are fairly broadish, so i can't move or button the blazer (which i never do anyway) unless i have a medium-sized blazer. but i have NO boobs so a medium size just "hangs" on me and looks formless. i always end up going with a small size so it looks more tailored, but half the time i feel like i'm i a straight-jacket. =P thoughts?

  4. Jess, they are tricky. I've had to try quite a few on to find ones that fit well. The first thing is to determine what length you want. Then always fit the shoulder first. You want the seam to hit right at the start of the rounding of your shoulders (I hope that makes sense).
    My best off-the-rack fits have been Express and Gap. When I'm ready to buy a suit, I'll probably go to Nordstrom and have the jacket custom fit. The more seaming in a jacket the better fit it will have.
    For example, this
    vs. this
    Let me know if that helps at all!