Monday, January 10

what i wore: i might be sick, i might be tired...

...but I'm actually in a pretty good mood despite the sour expression on my face. The weather is not cooperating with photo taking today, but I did my best. I only had a few shots before I had to move indoors.
I'm still really congested today and I'm doing everything within my power to get better before our workout tonight. I'm really anxious to beat my time and weight load.
Today's look is brought to you all the way from purgatory. Just kidding...sort of. When I lose interest in a particular item I banish it to the Goodwill Bag (more on that later) or more often, to the office closet. Sometimes things just don't appeal to me any more or I don't like how they fit. But I've gotten rid of quite a few things that now I wish I hadn't.  I've rescued quite a few of my current staples from my purgatory piles. Having that holding place allows me to keep my closet free from anything that isn't working at the moment, but doesn't leave room for regret.
So anyway. Both my sweater and skirt were pulled from the office closet today to see if I couldn't make them work again. Don't get me wrong- I love both items, but the skirt adds so much volume and the sweater is just...weird. It's the DKNY Cozy sweater that can be worn a million different ways. I personally only like it two ways, but both ways leave an odd knot at the back, so I wonder if I'd be happier just buying two separate wrap sweaters to fit the bill.
But I haven't yet, because everybody claims this sweater is a must-have, versatile piece, and part of me feels like I'd be silly to get rid of it.
There, that's a happier face!
Sweater: DKNY (TJMaxx), Skirt: BCBG, Boots: Dolce Vita, Tights: Merona (Target), Tank: Gap


  1. Those boots...are awesome.

    I personally love that sweater and the tiers on the skirt, too. So pretty! I certainly understand not being quite content with different pieces in your closet though. It's a great idea to "hold" them somewhere else so you have more space!

  2. OOOOOhhhh, I'm glad you rescued them from purgatory. This may be my favorite outfit you've posted yet!

  3. And I really love that sweater . . . I would totally get one if they had one in cream, and if I wasn't choking at the price. But it looks great!

  4. I'm chuckling here because I also gave away my DKNY wrap sweater. Felt absolutely swallowed by the amount of fabric. Fortunately I got it at TJMaxx so the regret wasn't too overwhelming!

    I wonder if some sort of chunky short necklace would complete your outfit, which is really quite fab! That would draw the eye up and relieve any worries you have about the skirt adding volume.

    Hope you feel better!

  5. you rocked that skirt the last time you wore it and you did again today. i love it. and if you ever get rid of it, i would like the option of taking it off your hands :-).


  6. I like the necklace idea. And the skirt doesn't give you too much volume from my perspective... I like the look of the sweater here, although I can't get a good feel for it based on the photos. Sometimes those "versatile" pieces almost try too hard, though, and end up shooting themselves in the foot.