Thursday, January 27

what i wore: black sheep of the family

Everybody has a pair of favorite pants, and these are mine. Everything about them is perfect, and sadly, they're getting to be too big. I've been searching for something similar for quite awhile because I knew this day was coming. But you're never fully prepared for it. Don't tell, but I'm thinking about trying to zap them in the dryer for a bit to see if it'll extend their life a little bit longer. *fingers crossed*
So with a near departure of said favorite pants, I've been trying to wear them more frequently, and with more combinations.
Red and purple are one of my favorite combinations. They look great together because they are side by side on the color wheel. Not to mention they are two of my personal favorites. Purple being just a little more so.
I didn't realize until I sat down to blog just now, but everything I'm wearing is from my favorite store, except the cardigan. I bet it's feeling insecure. I would.
Bryan came home early today (yay) so I thought it would be worth delaying today's posting for some better photos. We hope to get some rest this afternoon before our workout tonight. We're in the middle of a body fat loss challenge at our Crossfit gym, so we're working harder than usual. And I can feel it. Everything hurts.
In other news, we are almost done with our living room/kitchen renovations! Painting is next, and that's always fun. No better (or cheaper) way to freshen up a space than with a fresh coat of paint. Typically you paint before you do everything else, but when have we conformed to the norm. ;)
Beloved trousers: Halogen (Nordstrom), Blouse: Halogen (also Nordstrom), Cardigan: JCrew, Watch: Michael Kors (Nordstrom again), Shoes: Michael Kors (have a guess? :D)


  1. i've always been afraid of Nordstrom. it's always seemed uber expensive to this formerly-small-town girl. (hey, only a couple of weeks ago i decided that i should not be intimidated by Anthropologie or GUESS, and that i should not feel inferior just because i can't afford anything in those places. so i went in and looked around). BUT we have a Nordstrom Rack that a friend took me to recently . . . slightly less scary, and perhaps a good way to ease me into nice(r) stores.

  2. Those pants really are fantastic on you. Could you just have them taken in? Tailors can be expensive but SO worth it if you really love the piece.

    I adore that top and the draped neckline. These soft colors are so pretty on you.

  3. Love the outfit! The blouse is gorgoeus! They are right.. you can take tha pants to a tailor or even ask the tailor do do a similar ones!

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I LOVE this shirt - would love one just like it...might have to take a US shopping trip! ;)