Tuesday, January 4

best of 2010

With 2010 behind us, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on my "best" of the previous year.
I had a break-through in July. Up until then I had been in a black suiting rut. Everything I bought was black AND traditional office wear - jackets, trousers, skirts, and a handful (of the same) knit tops rotated through the week. Weekends consisted of jeans and the same tops. In my defense, my body was drastically changing and it was tough maintaining a working wardrobe without feeling like I was wasting money.
So it was a special treat to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with my almost-done-losing-weight body. I picked up a few things on my own while my shopper finished up a transaction. I of course browsed the catalog, and saw this skirt and wanted it. I instinctively grabbed the dark purple version, completely satisfied because it wasn't black. Wut wut! But my shopper strongly encouraged me to go not just different, but very different. Vintage olive green. And I haven't looked back since. :)
I had no idea how much of a rut I was in. Allowing myself to open up to new possibilities and viewing items as working for ME gave me a whole new zeal for fashion and how I present myself.
I couldn't wait to get my skirt home and use it as a building block for my fall and even winter wardrobe.
After that experience, I started buying less items, and focused on how something would fit into my wardrobe with the key pieces I already owned, rather than what I thought was cute.
Gradually over the year I opened myself up to trying new things and finding new ways to wear the old things. I immersed myself in wardrobe blogs, catalogs, and fashion magazines for ideas and inspirations - spending more time focusing on how I could replicate something with my own items and style in mind.
It is refreshing to walk into my closet without saying "...but I have nothing to WEAR" every single day.
I have fewer actual items hanging in my closet from 2009, but I have better. I purged the items that didn't make me happy, fit well, or flatter, and made shopping appointments for specific items when I found a hole or needed a replacement.
Just like my weight loss, compiling a fun, fashionable working wardrobe won't happen over night. I hope I can help you all in the not so distant future by sharing what I've learned, and I hope that you can find the freedom and even joy that I have.
The first part of learning to love your closet is learning to embrace YOU and your lifestyle. Just because YOU isn't represented on the cover of a magazine, or on the most popular fashion blog, doesn't mean it isn't fab.
Being you is the best advice I can give.


  1. That skirt was a great purchase! It made me long for (and find!) an olive pencil skirt of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

    My skirt:

  2. It's beautiful Kasmira! And thanks for the shout out. Your blog is so inspirational - especially your budget. ;)

  3. yay! i am seriously devouring every piece of advice you have, even though practicality demands that i live 75% of my week in jeans, tee shirts, and Nikes. but the other 25% . . . i will be heeding your advice!

  4. Interesting! I did not realize it was this skirt that started your turnaround into finding your style groove, but it makes sense. I had the same color palette expansion when I mixed black and brown last year, and I never turned back. But I wish I had been able to do it with a fabulous olive skirt like yours! I love every time you wear it, and each outfit gets a little more creative and daring from the last. It goes with *everything* you own -- no wonder you were also able to make the "small closet" revelation too with it!

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us Sarah! I really enjoyed reading about that one piece that have you that moment of clarity.