Tuesday, January 11

apologetics, or why the daily sophisticate

I think it's safe to say that I was born with an interest in fashion. For as long as I can remember, what I wore mattered, and I was very particular about what went with what.
At age 14 I begged my parents for a plaid pleated skirt, silk blouse, and blazer. I had seen someone somewhere wearing that combination and it apparently spoke to me.
In my late teen years I would go through friends' closets and help them decide what to keep or what to give away.
Fast forward a few years to mid-2008. All that time I had been helping others shop and organize closets, but I was still completely clueless when it came to my own style. I believe I was trying too hard to fit a mold of what should be, rather than just embracing who I was.
As my style evolved and my body changed (drastically, people) I started to dress for my body, lifestyle, and personality rather than trying to copy someone else.
More and more people were asking me for help, whether it was for a particular occasion, or just in general. Late last year people started asking me to start a blog. Before the Daily Sophisticate became the Daily Sophisticate, it was my wardrobe diary blog, simply called "What I Wore". I didn't publicize it, but I didn't hide it either. So as pictures leaked out, people started asking me questions. And rather than answer them all individually, I decided to birth the Daily Sophisticate.
I do not consider myself the authority on fashion, nor do I want to discredit anybody else out there. All I want is to share what I've learned with each of you. I think the fact that I don't live fashion, but work, maintain a household, and grocery shop just like the rest of you gives me validation. I have also successfully built a workable wardrobe. It works for me, my lifestyle, and my personality.
Don't get me wrong. I drool over each Lucky Magazine, but at the end of the day that isn't practical for me or my lifestyle. I do glean ideas from magazines, catalogs, and mostly from other bloggers, though.
I also don't want to give the impression that it's my way or the highway. I value each person for their individuality and would never want to encourage you to be someone you aren't. After all, that is what inspired the creation of this blog.
So over the next few weeks I want to go through what I consider foundations of fashion. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)


  1. Sarah you are one of my favourites, and I shall be reading with great interest your coming posts!

    We have a very different lifestyle at this point in time, but I always gain inspiration from your outfits as your style is exactly where I want to be one day!

    Can't wait!!

  2. @Theresa, thanks!

  3. Hi Sarah, I'm trying to pick you out of the group of adorable little girls in red nightgowns on the couch. This must be you and your sisters. You all look so much alike I can't figure out which one is you.
    This is a very nice thread Sarah. I like that you appreciate the differences in everyone's style. I must say though that you have great taste! Because of that you're one up on alot of us. I enjoy your blog. I love the minimulist, yet you also always seem to have an element of surprise.