Thursday, December 2

what i wore: sad pants

My life has been rather...sad...lately and it's been hard to focus on what I wear and posting on my blog, so bear with me. I wore this to work on Monday, and all day I questioned whether or not it was appropriate. Those aren't leggings, they are indeed pants. Any thoughts?
Sweater: Nordstrom, Pants: Gap (Really Skinny), Boots: Dolce Vita, Watch: gifted, cami: ON

I got home from work on Monday and Bryan was home taking some PTO. We left in the evening to go workout at our gym and got home to find that my darling baby boy had passed. It was a huge shock, and the emotions just flooded from every direction. We are slowly healing from that but it is very hard on us both. I still have four babes, but somehow the house just feels eerily quiet. Jasper is resting near my master bedroom window, so he has become our little night angel keeping watch while we sleep. I love that he is close to me and I can check on him whenever I need to. Hug your pets today. This is a horrible photo of me, but it captures Jasper's personality so perfectly. I love his little handsome face and odd crossed eyes. He will forever be my Bubba.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. So sorry to hear about your furry heart goes out to you.

  3. Oh, honey, I am so sorry. What a shock that must have been. I still miss my Sophie who passed away in August, but we have all -- including our other cat -- have slowly adjusted to the hole in our lives. Just give it time, and don't be afraid to mourn him. It's okay.