Thursday, December 2

I'm not always home, but I always wear clothes. :) I want to make an effort to be better about snapping photos of outfits. It's not always easy, but I should do it more than I do right now. We spent Thanksgiving with Bryan's family. It's always nice to be with the ones we love. It makes me miss my family more, but I'm learning to live in the moment and appreciate the memories I am making. We had a great time eating, playing games, and catching up. For Thanksgiving, I wore my birthday dress. It's fun and festive, and the a-line shape allows for plenty of turkey and pumpkin pie. :) Bryan is a good sport and wears whatever I buy him. He wore his Buffalo jeans, M+O button down, Michael Kors henley, and new Timberland boots. And yes, we were good and drank plenty of water. ;)
After dinner we played a few intense games of Wii Party. My husband and his family love to play games together, whether it's on the Wii, computers, or good old fashioned board games.
The day after was a very easy, slow day. I had thought about shopping, but my in-laws don't live in a shopping hub exactly, so I decided to spend the morning with everyone. I also snuck away to call my Grandpa and wish him a happy birthday. He was not doing well and was in the hospital. I'm very thankful I was able to call him.
Bryan took me to the Gap the day before Thanksgiving because he was tired of me griping about my jeans. Weight loss is amazing, but the clothing battle just gets harder. It's hard to be proud of your new body when things don't fit well for very long. I tried on four styles of bootcut jeans, and our favorite for sure was the sexy bootcut. Curvy coming in a close second. Definitely check out Gap jeans if you are in the market for some good, less expensive options. They will stretch a bit, so size down and wear them around the house before you take the tags off! Gap's sales the day before Thanksgiving were just as good as the day after, so I walked away with some goodies! Jeans and sweater: Gap, Tank: ON, Specs: Prada, Shoes: Frye "Adrienne" oxfords, Watch: Bulova (gifted)

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