Friday, December 3

hers...and hers

I love browsing wardrobe bloggers because frequently I stumble across a look that really appeals to me. Because there is such an emphasis on "remixing" or wearing things in more ways than one, I can usually pull similar shapes or colors from my closet and put together something very similar. I pulled this idea from one of my favorite blogs, and I love the result! I didn't have a gingham top, but my husband sure does. 8D
Belting the waist is still a new thing for me, but hopefully I'll become more used to it the more I play around with the look. I love layering and I'm so happy it's cooling down so I can pull out and wear my sweaters. I picked this one up recently at the Gap at a fabulous sale. I love neutrals and lately I've become obsessed with taupe and gray.
Another recent obsession is watches. I received my first real grown up watch when I graduated from High School. My parents gave me a lovely two-tone Seiko, and I still have and wear it. My sister gave me this beautiful Bulova recently, and my husband has given me a white Fossil and a gold Michael Kors for past birthdays. I went through a period of not wearing a watch for years, but they give me the opportunity to add a masculine touch to my usually feminine or sophisticated ensembles. Plus, it's sure nice to know what time it is without having to rifle through my unorganized bag to find my phone. ;)

Sweater: Gap, Shirt: Gap (husband's), Belt: Fossil, Skirt: Halogen, Boots: Steve Madden "Maryn", Watch: gifted


  1. I didn't know you had a website! You look good!

  2. Wow, that is a great job with the layering and the colors. The wonderful olive skirt and your cognac boots work perfectly together, and the top pieces are equally inspired.

    Hee, you bought all the pieces I wanted to at NAS but that didn't work on my current body size. So I am enjoying them vicariously through you. :)

  3. Yay, Kristen! This skirt started out as a challenge and now I wear it a lot. Who knew?!