Thursday, December 16

black and blue all over

I have a peeping tabby behind you see her? :D This is usually the first thing I see when I get home and the last thing I see before I leave. It's touching to know my kitties are happy to see me...even if it is only because I feed them.
I got up on Tuesday, showered, and went to dig my hair dryer out of my suitcase died. :( I've had to be creative because I have fairly thin, yet textured hair. Tuesday it looked so sad I couldn't bring myself to take my photo of the day. My new dryer is set to arrive today via my favorite UPS! and it'll all be uphill from here.
Blouse: LOFT, Cardigan: Target, Pants: Gap, Boots: Dolce Vita for M+O, Watch: Gifted

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