Wednesday, November 10

Tuesday 11/9

There is something about cropped, pleated trousers that really appeals to me. They should be so "wrong" for so many reasons, but I can't help but indulge in the trend. Thankfully I found some for under $20, otherwise I would have passed. I'm still working on what to wear on the top half, but I know I prefer a more nude colored shoe. This snakeskin print is great because it doesn't visually cut off my feet, which would give me an even shorter leg line. I know what shapes look the best on me, but I think sometimes it's fun to experiment with other silhouettes. The masculine feel of this cut appeals to my androgynous side.

One of the (many) benefits to being married is that I can steal some of my husbands things. :) I usually just wear his socks or his John Varvatos cologne, but occasionally I snag these beauts. The lucky duck found these Ray Bans in a sporting event parking lot. I love big glam shades, but there is something simply chic about a great pair of aviators.

Top: Matty M (Nordstrom), Cardigan: Target, Trousers: Gap, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: (High School Graduation) Gift (from my mom and dad), Shades: Ray Bans

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