Tuesday, November 9

Monday, 11/8

Stop the presses! I'm actually wearing a *scarf* and not because it's cold! I have always made the claim that accessorizing with scarves is just to fussy for my lifestyle. Lots of people wear them, and sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. But I saw this scarf at Old Navy, and just couldn't say no. I love taupe as you know, and the yellow just added this little fun punch of color. Plus, I can imagine this will look fabulous with my white trench in the spring. I'm thankful to my dear friend Ana for showing me how to wear my scarf in a way that doesn't cut off my air supply or give the impression that I live in the North Pole.
People often ask me about how much they should spend on any given item. I never have a solid answer because the value of an item for ME isn't in the cost. Like most of you, I have a monthly budget and a constant list of things I want to try.
Everyone's priorities are different too, but in GENERAL I spend more on classic staples, and less on trends. I also spend the bulk of my budget on warmer weather clothing since it is summer at least 8 months of the year. One item I'm glad I spent a little more on was this little black dress. I tried it on and it's as if it was made for me. It's a sleeveless sheath that can be worn alone or layered, and it has taken me from the office, to a funeral, to church, to a night out with my hubs.
Dress: JCrew, Jacket: Calvin Klein (thrifted), Boots: Halogen (Nordstrom), Scarf: Old Navy, Ring: Martin + Osa

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  1. I recognize that scarf! :) I too had to get it because of the unusual color scheme -- yellow and taupe, hello! Our style twin track record continues -- which is even funnier when you think how differently our syles are evolving.

    Love it on you, and that chunky ring is great too.