Wednesday, November 17

Some days aren't as fab as others, and that's okay. Part of this process is to weed out what doesn't work and figure out where the "holes" are. With the temps cooling off, I'm finding myself a bit more challenged. Most of my winter wear from last year is either still at Goodwill or hopefully living a happy existence in someone else's closet. Losing weight is a very positive thing, but losing your clothes is never easy.

I wore this very outfit all summer long, sans boots and cardigan. Wardrobe workhorses like these are how I'll make it through. I do wish I had more pants and I'm noticing a void in footwear. I have tall boots or pumps or sandals. And the three pair of long pants I do have are too long for my shoes. I'm not sure I want to hem them since they won't fit for too much longer. The circular reasoning is driving me batty!
Thank goodness jewelry always fits. I don't haunt Ann Taylor as much as I used to, but I do love their jewelry. A less expensive-but just as nice as JCrew-option.
I dropped several sizes this year and it was during that frustrating time (what do I mean, THAT? it's still going on!) I really took an interest in makeup. Makeup always fits, too, and it's a way I can show my individuality and creativity in an office setting.

Blouse: LOFT, Skirt: Target, Cardigan: JCrew, Boots: Dolce Vita, Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Eyeshadow: MAC's Burmese Beauty quad, Cheeks: NARS cream blush in "Cactus Flower", Lips: Revlon Color Stay Lipglaze in Timeless Nude

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