Monday, November 22

I turned 29 on Sunday, and for the occasion, Bryan let me "pick my day" - meaning, I got to do what I wanted for the day. We started off by sleeping in, then I watched a re-run of CSI while he made me my favorite pancakes - my Grandpa's secret recipe that he only recently shared. After that we watched the Cowboys win (finally!), and then we went to Manuels, one of my favorite Mexican places. During the day (and previous few days) I received phone calls, cards, and lovely gifts from family and friends.
After dinner I opened my gifts from Bryan. He got me a gorgeous Michael Kors gold chronograph watch and Bond No. 9 fragrance in High Line. I can't believe him! I'm so happy and I love everything. After that I made a gluten free chocolate cake and we watched The Amazing Race, more football, and Bryan played Assassins Creed. I know I'm a weird cookie, but I love sports and games as much as my gold watch and fancy perfume. ;) It was a perfect day and I feel loved.
Dress: JCrew, Boots: Steve Madden "Maryn", Watch: gifted

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Bryan sure did find the right gifts, didn't he? Well done.

    LOVE that dress. I have one with a similar neck in teal; can't wait to get back to fitting into it! :)