Monday, November 15

Almost everything I wore today is something I've had for over a year. I stand by my opinion that if you find quality, well fitting pieces that fit your personal style, the creativity will come.
I browse catalogs, blogs and fashion magazines for ideas on new pairings. I don't necessarily have the same pieces, but I usually have things in the same shape or color family. It's a great way to start broadening your creativity, especially if you 're on a budget.
I live in a warmer climate, but once winter hits, it gets cold and very dry. I have a few coats, but this is my favorite to wear to work. I purchased it after Christmas two years ago (great time to look!) and swapped out the buttons for something with more texture and color. Never feel confined to a garment as-is. I'm not the most crafty person in the world, but most people can swap out buttons!
This is an outfit that B helped me put together. Yes, even I sometimes need help! Entire outfits are a challenge, but I ask him to pick ONE thing. Either a bottom, top or dress, and I use that as a jumping point.
Blouse: LOFT, Cardigan: BCBG, Jeans: Goldsign "Envy" (BE), Oxfords: Frye, Necklace & Coat: JCrew, Scarf: M+O


  1. Loving it today! Great colors, smartly matched. Nice!

  2. Oooooh! Not only is the outfit great (I suspect I may steal much of this look since I own most of it too, LOL), but I LOVE the new blog layout and name. The Daily Sophisticate, that's perfect for your style.