Tuesday, October 26

variations on a theme

You will learn very quickly that I don't have a lot of clothes. I used to. Back in the day when I'd rifle through stacks, piles, and crowded hanging spaces to find ANYTHING to wear. Ugh. I recently did a ruthless purge and my life has improved drastically. Sure, a silk DVF top is nice to have, but not when it isn't perfect on me and not when I don't ever wear it. Something that isn't worn takes up valuable real estate in our tiny closet.
That being said, you will see items repeated frequently - sometimes even in the same week. I try not to repeat entire outfits, though.
Belts are tricky for me. I like them over a minimum of two layers. For some reason, a belt over one layer just looks sloppy and is more of a nuisance for me. I have several lovely belts, and it's my goal to wear them more frequently, or, you got it, send them to Goodwill.
Skirt: Nordstrom, Blouse: LOFT, Sweater: Target, Shoes: Nordstrom, Watch: Gift, Specs: Prada, Belt: Fossil
*This photo won't win awards. I wasn't feeling up to par, but hey, at least I showed some effort!

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  1. Love seeing what you do with that blouse; pairing it with the olive and blue is inspired!

    Funny, I like belts over two layers too. I never thought about why what is before.