Friday, October 22

risky business

I've been pushing myself to take more risks lately. I'm a perfectionist and I don't like to try something unless I know it'll turn out perfect. That, my friends, is how I get into ruts. If we don't take risks, we can't grow or learn. Sequins for day? For business casual office wear? Yep! And it worked nicely. But even if it didn't, I'm glad I tried.
Blouse: Gap, Tank: AK, Skirt: LOFT, Shoes: DKNYC, Necklace, JCrew


  1. LOVE!!! Not too over-the-top for work at all. It brings out all the pretty pinks in your face too.

    I think I remember that necklace from last year or so. You wear it so well.

  2. Love the sparkly top -- I'm so into shirts like that right now!