Wednesday, October 20

jacket + dress: part 1

My dear friend Angie over at YLF blogged recently about jackets over dresses. I love dresses and I love jackets, I have no idea why the thought never occured to me. I'm in a zone where I'm taking more "fashion risks" lately, and when Angie suggests an outfit or combination I at least like to try it. 
 Jacket: Swapped (Express), Dress: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Endless (DKNYC), Necklaces and ring: Target
Target is a great resource for fashion jewelry. I rarely purchase what I consider "nice" or "real" jewelry because at the end of the day I'm a minimalist and less is always more. But for those occasions when I want to layer on the jewelry, I check Target for inexpensive fun little pieces that have interesting details or textures. They come in handy a lot more than I give them credit for!

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  1. Another knock out of the park. I love your minimalist style; because you buy quality pieces and the richness of the details in them are all you need to make the outfit. When you buy the junkier stuff you have to pile it on more. This outfit is proof of that!