Wednesday, October 13

it's all in the details

For the most part, I have a formula for my "go to" outfits. There are some work days where I'm a little behind and I just have to grab what I know works. On those days, I grab this pencil skirt, one of a few blouses, and smashing accessories that carry my outfit from uniform to stylin'. Some days I'm just lucky to have clothes on when I walk out the door, hehe. One benefit to longer hair is the ponytail. Note: the ponytail comes out when I'm on day two or three of my last shampoo and/or I'm in a hurry.
Blouse: Gap, Skirt: INC for Macys, Watch: Gifted: Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Necklace: Charlotte Russe
A lot of people I know have good luck at Charlotte Russe. I have never found an article of clothing that has worked for me there, but I do have to say that the accessories are great for the price.

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