Friday, October 29

i like pants

I don't wear a lot of pants, but I do like them. Skirts and dresses appeal to me because I can embrace my femininity yet add more edgy or even androgynous pieces for that fun contrast. Skirts also fit over a wider size range than pants do. I can wear the same skirt within 10 pounds give or take, but not so with pants. I'm a few pounds away from my goal, so until then, I'll wear the pants I already have (which is like, 3 pair?) or scour consignment shops for deals.
That being said, I feel very powerful in a pair of trousers and will always keep some in rotation. Slimmer pant styles are more "in" currently (and I embrace those too), but I'll never give up on my wide leg trousers. Dolman sweater: Halogen (Nordstrom), Trousers: Halogen (Nordstrom), Shoes: Michael Kors, Watch: gift

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