Wednesday, February 3

well, hello there

One of the benefits of being on a spending freeze (temporary, my dears, thank goodness) is that I am forced to find all sorts of hidden treasures in my closet(s) and find unique ways to wear them.
Every day for the past week or so I've been finding items I never or rarely wear and putting together new looks using them. Some work, some don't. ;)
This skirt, for example, I've only worn ONE TIME and I've had it nearly a year.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it's a little roomy in the waist already, so I imagine it won't fit for much longer.
Here is my fall/winter appropriate look using a bright color. How did I do?
Skirt: JCrew, Top: BCBG (thrifted), Tights: Target, Shoes: Joan & David (TJMaxx), Pearls: Claires

In other news, the ban was briefly broken for this puffer.
I was torn because:
1. it was final sale
2. I already *have* a puffer
3. I live where it's summer most of the year

Puffer: massive clearance at BCBG
My justifications were:
1. It's hard to find a flattering puffer for such a bargain
2. I love this darker shade and this one is definitely more flattering than my other (although I'll keep both)
3. Our winters do get chilly, and as we speak, the temps are hovering under 50 as the daily high. Aaaand, I visit my family in the lovely Pacific Northwest quite often, mostly around the chilly holiday season.
I also love this one because it's so versatile. You can wear it many different ways. The middle section zips out to make it a bit shorter, you can unzip the whole bottom half to have a cropped puffer, you can take the faux fur off, and so on.
I'm pretty pleased. :)


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

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  2. Crystal5:59 PM

    Love this outfit. And that skirt is so pretty. The colour really stands out, in a good way.