Thursday, February 25

shoes, glorious shoes

Bryan was such a dear to take my thrifting a few weekends ago. We found a few treasures, including three pair of brand new wool dress pants for Bryan.
I found several pair of shoes. My current shopping ban excludes shoes and accessories. Isn't that convenient. :D

Colin Stewart 4" heels (but, but, but, they have a platform!)
I love the two tone and detailing.

Brand new Seychelle wedges that happened to be in my Endless wishlist already!

Steve Madden pumps
I have a nude pair of shoes that are similar in shape already, but I love the color of these. And secretly, I love the ruggedness. Bryan says he can buff them up, but I'm torn whether I want to or not. I will obviously replace the inside foot pad.

Charlotte Russe
I've wanted some brown textured peeptoes since last summer. I like that these continue the same color/pattern under the shoe as well as on the heel.

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