Monday, March 4

well hello

Hello! I know it has been way too long since I last posted. I took a spontaneous (and much needed) break from all but the necessary. I really needed some time to re-prioritize my life and get back to basics and focus on what is most important.
I suppose I felt like every area of my life was being shorted because I just didn't have enough to give everything 100%.

I went back to basics and haven't done much other than work, Crossfit, and keeping house.
Eliminating the extras has also enabled me to focus more on my health again, too. I sort of let it slide for a few months, and the extra pounds were draining physically and emotionally, and negatively effecting my joy of style. As of today I'm down nearly fifteen pounds since my last post. It's good to be me again!

I appreciate those of you who messaged me. You are so thoughtful! Blogs are a lot of work, and my hat is off to those who maintain blogging amidst everything else in life. I may get back at it at some point, but today I just wanted to let you know I was alive and well. I'm still wearing clothes (thank goodness!) and even photographing them, just in Instagram for now. If you wish to follow my daily snapshots, my username is smpravel.

Here are just a few looks from the past month or so. I hope you all are well!

Thursday, January 31

work then play

Top|Equipment, Skirt|Kate Spade, Bag|See by Chloe, Necklace|Kate Spade
 Jeans|Current Elliot, Sweater|Vince Camuto, Necklace|Kate Spade, Booties|Stuart Weitzman

Just a few favorites from this past week. I hope you have a great Friday! I plan on painting this weekend. I *will* get our master "suite" done one of these days years. :)

Wednesday, January 30


I'm soaking up our last few days of winter and wearing my favorite boots and sweaters as much as possible. I can't believe it's already nearly 80. It's still January! We had to turn on the a/c the other night at home.
I took my Meyers Briggs personality test yesterday. I hadn't in years and years. If you haven't done it, I encourage you to try. It's probably my "j" talking here, but I love having personal definition and it helps me learn how to learn to relate to others better. And it never hurts to understand why we are the way we are. I'm ISFJ, you?

Monday, January 28


After 7 years, I've decided to return to the dark side. I thought about it for a week and after collaborating with my genius stylist we decided to go for it. I love blonde and may head back that direction in the summer via highlights, but for now I love how rich and sultry brunette feels. It also makes my eyes pop which requires less eye makeup. Colors will look different on me now, so I'm interested to see if what I gravitate towards will change. I love change when it comes to hair. It keeps things fresh and interesting!

Thursday, January 24


I usually wear this sweater in the summer, but because I love it so much, I thought I'd try it in winter for kicks. I like how the plaid pops through the weave in the sweater. These are the crop pants I got for my holiday party. This top and sweater definitely make them more work appropriate.

I'm so thankful it's Friday. Our little Lily kitty had a very scary day this past week and I was so worried we might lose her. Thankfully while we still don't know what happened exactly, the meds are working and she is recovering nicely. I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend with my husband and our fur herd. :)

Wednesday, January 23

lancome galatee confort

I can't take credit for this little gem. My mom discovered what is now my favorite cleanser of all time and shared it with my sisters and I in the form of a stocking stuffer this past Christmas.
My drawers are full of various cleansers and this newest addition trumps them all. Not only does the Lancome Galatee Confort (I admit to calling it gelatin comfort), smell wonderful, it's incredibly moisturizing and soothing. It also does a great job stripping away the day's makeup. I do however still use eye makeup remover first as I hate getting traces of mascara on my white towels. Eeeee.
As I age, my skin is transitioning from normal/combination to dry. This product is a great solution for cleansing without drying. Try it!

Tuesday, January 22


I wear this look to work just about every week. Sometimes I'll wear my gray swacket, sometimes I'll wear the black one. But in some shape or form, I wear this every week. I save it for busier days or days I'm especially tired. Because it works. Everything about this works for me. I think no brainer looks are really good to have on reserve. Make sure it's something you feel great in for yucky days, too. When things get stressful I just take a deep breath and say, "My pumps are awesome, so that's that" and move on.

I've had this cashmere swacket (sweater jacket) since my very first Anniversary Sale in 2007. It still looks brand new, and I wear it into the ground every winter. Three cheers for cashmere!

Top|Nordstrom, Leggings|Vince, Shoes|Modern Vintage, Bag|Botkier